Brookfield Zoo with Mattie Lee

Brookfield Zoo with Mattie Lee

June 12, 2016 ~ (Full Album Here) Mattie Lee has always enjoyed photography and for the first time, we went on an outing to Brookfield Zoo where Mattie got to shoot with a real DSLR camera. After giving him some basic knowledge on how the camera works, the result are the following photos, which are all taken by him. With a little help with some cropping and minor post processing adjustments, here are the awesome works from my grandson! (and the only reason you’ll see me in the photos)

These are but a handful of the 56 photos that he has deemed worthy to be posted out of the 250 shots that he originally took. Yes.. that is two hundred and fifty photos! So it would be best if you checked out the whole album!

Here’s the lion that greets us at the entrance to Brookfield Zoo!

Sneaky little bugger snapped a pic of me when I wasn’t looking

Some kid was playing with a bubble machine and he caught this bubble!

A peacock silhoutte

…and so much more! To see his works in its entirety, click here!