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Art Institute of Chicago

July 10th, 2017 ~ Tonia has been a very big fan of a particular artwork of some old lady in a rocking chair for quite a while now and it just so happens that the painting in question happened to be on exhibit for a limited time at the Art Institute of Chicago.

We made a day of it and checked it out. Did not realize how many pieces of art were on exhibit, even more amazing, being able to recognize more than a few.

Click the image below to view the album in its entirety or preview some sample images below.

Marjorie and Randall Joseph Wedding

  • Marjorie and Randall Wedding

June 9th, 2018 ~ An old friend of ours that we haven’t met up with in a very long time, was to be married and we were invited. She had no formal photographer present and Tonia offered up my services, which I was more that happy to oblige. The albums below depict the events that happened through the joyous occasion.

Dragons and Dinosaurs at Brookfield Zoo

May 29th, 2017 ~ Brookfield Zoo had an exhibit of Dragons and Dinosaurs. Tonia’s favorite dragon, the Kimodo Dragon was also on display so we had to go and check it out.

Click the image below see the whole album, or enjoy the mini samples below.

Chocolate Fest at Long Grove 

Sunday; May 21st, 2017 ~ Due to crappy weather on Saturday (rained out), we ended up going to the chocolate festival today. It was chilly out and the gray skies seemed to promise a downpour any minute but we persevered and shopped and ate all things bad for us (Tonia, Ashley and I). 

Didn’t take much in terms of photos, but here are some from Ma and Pa’s candy store and a live band. 

Blog by Phone 

Just wanted to see if I could create a blog entry via the phone. Just chilling at the local bar having a cold one with Tonia and Ashley. 

Walk Around Cantigny

February 18, 2017 ~ (Full Album Here) It was a beautiful day to be out and walking so we headed out to Cantigny Park with just Tonia and I. Didn’t take too many shots, just enjoying the time being with my one and only… who didn’t mind posing every once in a while 🙂

Please enjoy the small slideshow below, or preferably, go to the full album here, to see the photos in higher resolution and in its their entirety.